International Human Rights Law: Weekly Roundup **UPDATED** (4/11/11-4/17/11)

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 UN Human Rights System

Charter-based mechanisms

  • UNNewsCentre: “UN rights expert voices frustration at United States over access to detained soldier.”
  • Reuters: UN Chief  “urges Rights Council action on W. Sahara.”
  • UNNewsCentre:  OHCHR: “Deeply concerned regarding killings in Syria”, UNNewsCentre: “A group of United Nations human rights experts today denounced the rising death toll and brutal crackdown on peaceful protesters.”
  • UNNewsCentre: Panel of experts deliver report on Sri Lanka to UN chief. More from JURIST.
  • Amnesty: Public Statement: “2011 Elections to the UN Human Rights Council: Candidates Must Demonstrate Solid Commitment to Human Rights in Contested Elections.”
  • AP: “UN rights body appoints expert panel to probe Ivory Coast abuses” Jurist: For more details.

Treaty-based mechanisms


  • UNDPTurkmen Officials Prepare for Dialogue with the Committee against Torture

Regional Systems


  • PressRelease: “IACHR takes case involving Argentina to the Inter-American Court.” According to the release: “The case has to do with the unjustified delay of more than 12 years in a civil case involving an accident that took place in an abandoned military training area belonging to the Argentine Army.”
  • BBC: Brazil rejects request from Inter-American Commission to halt Belo Monte dam in Amazon
  • AMNESTY: “The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) ruled that Canada violated its human rights obligations when it returned the three refugee claimants to the US without first providing individualized review of their asylum claims. “
  • AP: Inter-American rights commission says rights activists under attack in Venezuela


  • CoE:Protection of national minorities: Council of Europe monitoring body publishes report on Finland.”
  • CoE: “Council of Europe Anti-Racism Commission to prepare reports on Iceland, Latvia and Ukraine”
  • ECtHR Press Release: The European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has ruled that Russian State’s interference in the “internal functioning” of the Republican Party of Russia “and its dissolution” infringe on the rights to freedom of assembly and association (Article 11).
  • DeutscheWelle: “The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has once more criticized Germany’s system of “preventive detention”, under which violent offenders can be kept in prison even after their court sentence is over.” ECtHR Press Release
  • Independent: ECtHR gives the UK a six-month deadline to draw up “legislative proposals” on the prisoners voting issue. Press Release: “The panel of the Grand Chamber rejected the referral request relating to the case of Greens and M.T. v. the United Kingdom.” Commentary: George Letsas, Co-Director of the UCL Institute for Human Rights.
  • Press Release: “The judgment Alekseyev v. Russia has become final following the rejection of the referral request to the Grand Chamber.”

 International Justice

Universal Jurisdiction

  • YLE: “Rwandan Genocide Case Appeal Begins in Helsinki”
  • JURIST:  “Spanish Judge Eloy Velasco announced Wednesday that the National Court would not investigate six Bush administration officials pursuant to torture claims..” in response to a letter by US officials. Rebuttal by the CCR and ECCHR

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