Special Edition Roundup: OBL’s Killing under International Law (**UPDATED**)

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If there is any significant legal commentary/news pieces/Op-eds  that i have missed, feel free to mention it in the comment section and i will add it to the list.

Guardian: Osama bin Laden: US responds to questions about killing’s legality

OHCHR:Osama bin Laden: statement by the UN Special Rapporteurs on summary executions and on human rights and counter-terrorism

AP: Red Cross holds back judgment on bin Laden death

AP: Bin Laden death prompts questions about legality

CFR: Bin Laden Killing: the Legal Basis: John B. Bellinger III. Lawfare: The Administration’s Puzzling Failure to Explain the Legal Basis for Killing Bin Laden.

Der Spiegel: Was Bin Laden’s Killing Legal?Thomas Darnstädt

Lawfare: The Legality of the UBL Operation: Responding to the Der Spiegel Criticism: Robert Chesney: Ken Anderson on Whether IHL Requires an Invitation to Surrender in the Context of an Attack Against a Lawful Target

VolokhConspiracy:  Der Spiegel and International Law: Kenneth Anderson: Opinio Juris: The Armed Conflict with Al Qaeda, VolokhConspiracy:UN Special Rapporteurs Demand Information to Justify OBL Killing, and What Holder Should Have Said and Koh Should Say.

FP: The bin Laden aftermath: Abbottabad and international law: Mary Ellen O’Connel

EJIL:Talk!: Marko Milanovic: Was the Killing of Osama Bin Laden Lawful? Followup: When to Kill and When to Capture?

OpinoJuris: Kevin Jon Heller: Quick Thoughts on UBL’s Killing – and a Response to Lewis

Slate: Resistence is Futile: The White House says Osama Bin Laden “resisted” capture. What does that mean?

OpinioJuris: How should the OBL operation be Characterized?: Michael W. Lewis

HumanRightsFirstBlog: Was Killing Osama Bin Laden Legal?:Gabor Rona

ASILInsights: Pakistan’s Sovereignty and the Killing of Osama Bin Laden: Ashley S. Deeks

TheECONOMIST: The ethics and realpolitik of assassination:

JusticeInConflict: Bin Laden and International Law: Death or Trial?

PHD Studies in Human Rights: Murder in Pakistan

FP: The bin Laden aftermath: Why Obama chose SEALs, not drones: Gregory S. Mcneal

CNNOpinion: Bin Laden assassinated not martyred: Parag Khanna

KojoNnamdi Show: Rules of War: Targeted Assassinations (AUDIO)

OUPBlog: Assassinating terrorist leaders: A matter of international law: Louis René Beres

CastanCentre: The killing of Osama bin Laden: his right to life and the new torture debate: Sarah Joseph

Jurist: Finding the Paradigm: Investigating Bin Laden’s Demise: Laurie Blank

OpenSocietyBlog: After Bin Laden, Time for Clear U.S. Policy on Targeted Killing. Christopher Rogers

PaceLaw: “Debate hosted at Pace Law on legality of killing bin Laden covered in National Law Journal

FP: OBL killing: Did Pakistan consent? David Bosco

LATIMES: U.S. justified in killing Osama Bin Laden: Jed Rubenfeld

IntLawGrrls: Assassination under International & Domestic Law 


  1. Thanks so much for this list:

    Here are two helpful suggestions:

    This one calling it murder: http://humanrightsdoctorate.blogspot.com/2011/05/murder-in-pakistan.html

    This one addressing collateral damaage: http://afpak.foreignpolicy.com/posts/2011/05/05/the_bin_laden_aftermath_why_obama_chose_seals_not_drones

  2. Many Thanks!!!

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