ICRC: “ICRC announces results of consultation with States on strengthening IHL”

In Uncategorized on May 12, 2011 at 5:46 pm

The ICRC recently concluded a “round of consultations” with state delegations on both improving IHL compliance and discussing ways of  strengthening protection in 4  areas of the law.

An interview with ICRC President,  Jakob Kellenberger, discussing the recent consultations was posted today.

Dr  Kellenberger’s address to the the permanent missions in Geneva is also available online.  Here is a summary of the ICRC study by Dr Kellenberger which became the basis of the consultations:

..what is required in most cases in order to improve the situation of persons affected by armed conflict is a greater compliance with the existing legal framework. However, the ICRC study also showed that ensuring better protection for these persons involves addressing normative weaknesses through a reinforcement of the law in four specific areas, namely: (a) the protection for persons deprived of liberty; (b) implementation of international humanitarian law and reparations for victims of violations; (c) the protection of the natural environment; (d) the protection of internally displaced persons.

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